Profile of Director: Jérôme KAJUGA

KAJUGA Jérôme was born in the district of Huye in the south of Rwanda in 1962. He studied Humanities at the « Petit Séminaire Virgo Fidelis du Diocèse de Butare » until 1984.

After graduating in Philosophy and Pedagogy from the “ Institut St Jean Bosco” in Lubumbashi/ Zaïre in 1988 he worked several years as Prefect of Discipline and as a language teacher in different secondary schools in Rwanda and Tanzania. He returned from Tanzania to Rwanda after the Genocide in 1994.

He obtained a degree in Public Administration from the National University of Rwanda in 2000 and a degree in Law from the “Institut Laïque Adventiste de Kigali" in 2009. He holds a Master degree in International and Cooperative Enveronment Law from Limoges University (2012).

He occupied different responsible positions for example as Director of College (3 years), as Vice Mayor of Butare in charge of Economy, Finances and Development (3 years), as Director of Administration and Finances for a NGO (3 years) as well as for the Rwandan National Commission for UNESCO. Today, he serves as Director of Culture, Social and Human Science in the same Commission.

He took part in workshops for planning work, notably of the GAR. Furthermore he participated in workshops for the coordination of development projects and for the coordination of enterprises. He holds the « Manager à tout épreuves » Certificate of Crestcom/Raiser.

He was co-founder and member of several administrative councils in different cooperatives, associations and local NGOs related to education, human rights and development notably concerning microfinancing.

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